Κυριακή, 9 Ιουλίου 2017

Revision Time

Language Review
In 5 weeks we have revised all the important points of English Grammar. 
We have refined our skills and learned how to express ourselves much more fluently!
Isn't it amazing? 

Now it's time for a revision
Today we practice:
1. Contrast sentences (handout p. 106/ex1)
2. Vocabulary of Crime (study  vocabulary from the handout and do exercises ABC
3. Reading (handout)
4. Conditionals, Tenses, Causative, Comparatives/Superlatives, 
Quantifiers, Articles, Despite/Although, Relative Pronouns, Gerund or Infinitive
Tommorrow's another day...

Πέμπτη, 6 Ιουλίου 2017

It's about time we moved on....

What makes a city worth living in?

Read this article and work in pairs. Chose one city to present saying
where in the world you wish you lived in. Present reasons.

Language Point
1. Here's a tutorial to help you learn to use wishes and unreal past.

2. ..and here's some practice 

3. Write an article for your school magazine describing the ideal city one would enjoy living in. You can chose a real city from the ones in the article or an imaginary one. Discuss different aspects of life as we have seen in the article.  

4. Find 10 idioms/ expressions for time and share along with their meaning here 

Τρίτη, 4 Ιουλίου 2017

You are what you eat

You are what you eat...

What do these two young people have in common?
What, in your opinion causes eating disorders?
1. Let's take a look at a very interesting article to get an expert opinion.
...and watch the incredible video how does your belly control your life!

Food for thought!
Can you guess a reason behind the difference in these two reports?
2. Read this article 
3Explore the food pyramid and take  this interactive quiz!

Language Point
1. Find 10 expressions with food (any word related to food) and post them here 
2. Read the article above and create a multiple choice test of 5 questions for your classmates
3. Take the quiz
4. Write an email to your English penfriend telling him how our food intake affects our school performance and making suggestions on how we can look after ourselves in a better way as far as eating habits are concerned.

Δευτέρα, 3 Ιουλίου 2017

Social media and you!

So, what do you think the people "devined" by the magician should have done to protect their privacy?

The new generation is called the Millennials and are digital natives. Children today seem to be born with a remote
planted in their heads and a keyboard installed
as an extension to their fingers!  

Watch this video and read this text about social media.
Then do the quiz to see how much you've understood.
You can read the text as many times as you want to get all answers right!

Language Point
You may say you didn't need to see the video to realise the problem. Do you need to revise Modal Verbs, though? Well, here's a tutorial and practice activities for you. ...

Then write an argumentative essay in the canvas on  social media. What are  some positive and negative aspects of using social media for young people?  How do you think they can affect the lives of people who are involved? Use your own experiences as exmples.

Πέμπτη, 29 Ιουνίου 2017

Did you know?

What does the future hold for young people who are now students and preparing for the world of work? Watch this video with amazing facts about the future and comment on what you find to be the most impressive information. What do YOU think will be a job that doesn't exist now and you'd like to do in the future? Write a comment about it to share with your group.
It is said that the jobs of the future will be quite unusual for current standards. Young people are said to need to learn how to be flexible and constantly adapt to new roles. What do you think?

How can you make Passive sentences with Reporting Verbs? Find out in the video...
PRACTICE1. ...and then practice here
You will learn it once and for all when you do ALL the activities.

2. Remember we're into helping children of the world learn Greek and Greek children who live all over earth keep in touch with their traditions by translating books to Greek. .
So, here's the site we find books at http://www.uniteforliteracy.com/
Let's help as much as possible by choosing at least 3 books and translating them for Monday 

3. Upload photos and the accompanying text to the Viber group, so that Harry can work on the presentation. I've already uploaded the ones I had from the trip and the museum (with subtitles!)
We're already halfway in our course. What have you learnt so far?
What more would you like to learn/discuss/ revise?
Take this short survey to take control of your learning!

It's all about YOU and your favourite destination!

Rio De Jneiro City on PhotoPeach, Diana

The Goulandri Museum on PhotoPeach, Diana 

EvaKalegia on PhotoPeach

Nuclear Power on PhotoPeach

Τρίτη, 27 Ιουνίου 2017

I can't ...or Can I?

Have you ever thought of sometning you would like to achieve and thought: "No, I can't do that!"

It can happen to everyone to be disappointed or lose faith at times.
Here's the inspirational story of a young woman that will move and ..well...MOVE you!

Language Point
The girl whose father is a doctor loves ice cream.
My friend Anna, whose father is a doctor, loves ice cream.
What's the difference between these two sentences?

5. Study advanced Reative Clauses here.
6. Practice here and here.
7. Then take Tests 1, 2 and 3 here

Κυριακή, 25 Ιουνίου 2017


How long does it take to form an impression on a person we meet for the first time?
How important or long-lasting is this impression? What can you do to make a positive first impression on people?
 Read this article to find out!

So, how good are you at making out what the people around you are feeling? Why is it important?
What emotions can you recognise in these people's faces?


How many synonyms can we find for these feelings?
Let's write them in this form.

Our feelings can be hard to recognise and ever more of a challenge to face.
Here's a great article with  5 ways to overcome shyness.

Let's remember everything e know about Reported Spech looking here.
Now, some practice...

...and a great song talking about feelings...

You have been asked to write an article of 180 words for a young people's 
magazine about first  how much you trust your own first impressions. Also explain which of the tips provided in the article you find the most essential and explain why.
Write in your canvas

Τρίτη, 20 Ιουνίου 2017

A trip in time and space!

If you had a time machine where in the past would you wish to travel?
Museums are just that, time machines that transport us to the past....but also help us discover the present and sometimes get a glimpse of the future of our world...

Did you know that you can visit museums hundreds of kilometeres away from home?
Today we'll visit one of the most famous museums in the world.

What does NMNH stand for?
Where is it?
What kinds of exhibits can you expect to see there?

Tomorrow, we go on our first field trip to Athens Natural History Museum.
Why is it called the Gaia Museum?
Where is it?
What kinds of exhibits can you expect to see there?

Revision Time
We've already revisited quite a few parts of Grammar.
On Monday, it's revision time.
We're testing what we know in real life!
Study well, ask your mentor for advice, GET READY!

Δευτέρα, 19 Ιουνίου 2017

Travel Broadens the Mind

So, guys and gals. As you've already realised, there are quite a few surprises in this class: 
Our course has a unique NOVELTY: no books! Just the net, this blog and specially designed material by our teacher, Mrs Effie Kyriklakis.

Travelling is a passion for veryone in our team, so
today we'll talk about travelling and getting to know the world.
Let's look at different kinds of exploration one can do here.

Language points
Talking about travelling, we get to use a gerund.
How much do you remember about Gerunds and Infinitives?
Well, here's a YouTube tutorial to watch.
After that do activities 3,4, 13,15 here.

 ...and the change goes on!
Even assignments are completely different: 
First, look at the holiday pictures/videos and read about them on Pinterest.
Then, find photos (on Pinterest or Google) of  YOUR favourite way to explore the world and chose   
- create a board on Pinterest
- create a photopeach presentation and be prepared to present a 5min talk about where you would like to travel and why USING the VOCABULARY we've seen in class AND gerund and infinitive forms. The more forms you have the better!
-Write a comment of 120 words in this post about your favourite holiday destination USING the VOCABULARY we've seen in class.
Fun, eh? Can't wait to see your posts, everyone!!!

Your presentations will be published here!

Earth, the Cradle of Life

We are so lucky to live on one of the most beautiful spots in Universe.
This film is a wonderful testimony to this fact!

So what do we do with our Home?
How much do we look after it?

...and how about our co-habitants on this jewel of the universe?

How willing are YOU to act and reduce your ecological footprint?
First, let's found out how significant it is by doing this quiz 
What's your role in this? What do you, your family, your school and your country already do to save our planet? What commitments are you willing to make?
1. Write an article for your school's magazine urging your classmates to action

Last day of revision today in view of our final test. 
1.  Reported Speech, Used To, Modal Verbs, Modals of Deduction
2. Unreal Past
3. Passive Voice   and here and here (1st eexercise written in notebook)
4. Revise vocabulary from Handouts and notes.

Have you ever thought that Revision can be easy AND fun?
Well, don't laugh... here's some advice you're sure to find helpful...

Freshman, sophomore, what more?

Today we go on talking about education. How different are educational systems around the world and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each way of learning?
Let's take a look at an Infografic of the Finn Educational System first:

Please Include Attribution to OnlineClasses.org With This Graphic Finnish Education Infographic

1.Every one will look up for information about a different country and fill in the form here
so that we can then discuss the pros and cons of each system. 

2. Hmmm, Passive Voice, eh? What do you want to revise?
You can find a tutorial here and practice here and here (ex 21, 23, 26, 28, 30 are a must!)

3. When will you have your hair cut? Study and practise this form here and do this activity at the end.

4. So, the Finish system has been designed around the students' own needs. How can Greece be advised by having its system compared to that of Finland? You have the magic wand. What do you suggest?
Write 10 sentences with your suggestions in the Passive Voice and Causative form in your canvas

5. Of course, we never stop having fun! Watch this video and guess what happened.
You can share with us by posting a comment in our blog!

Making the mark

Imagine a school...

Where kids have freedom to be themselves...Where success is not defined by academic achievement but by the child's own definition of success...Where the whole school deals democratically with issues, with each individual having an equal right to be heard...Where you can play all day if you want to...And there is time and space to sit and dream......could there be such a school?YES, and it's called SummerhillHere's a video of the students talking about their school. 

You can watch a really touching movie on Summerhill here

Be creative:
Now, let's use our imagination a little more...Imagine you've just finished Summerhill and your friend is about to start. He's asked you for some information on what to expect at  school and advice on classes, school rules and so on. Respond to him through an email that you will post as a comment here,. 
The email needs to include: 
- the new vocabulary
- an overview of what we have learnt on Summerhill
-your personal recommendations 

So, how long have you been studying English?
How would you assess your performance with tenses?
Check yourself here

You can review the TENSES by looking at this page
First study the tutorials and the do the activities for the tenses you feel you need to revise
so that you're ready for the class review in our next lesson.

Now let's sing!